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Youth against Organ Trafficking Conclave

On the 31st of January 2020, Harmony Foundation convened a unique student's conclave on the topic of Organ Harvesting and Donation. Students from across colleges and fields came together to hear experts and discuss with them on the topic. The conclave was held at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

To offer their perspective on the topic, we had prominent and distinguished voices in the field like Dr. Narendra Mehra the former dean of AIIMS, ; Dr. Madhu Chopra - Mother of Bollywood Personality Priyanka Chopra, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics - Dr. Mary Mathew; Organ recipient and Program Manager for the MOHAN Foundation - Ms. Jaya Jairam and Bollywood actress and organ pledger - Ms. Raveena Tandon. This conclave followed our MTMA theme of the previous year 2019 “Combatting Contemporary Forms of Slavery” wherein we realized the heinousness of organ trafficking and decided to further educate young minds into the act of organ pledging and how it, in turn, helps curb trafficking and enslavement. A team from the MOHAN Foundation was present to allow students to pledge their organs and, in turn, receive donor cards.

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