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Is India Safe For The Girl Child?

On 20th April, 2018 Harmony Foundation convened a unique Press Conference where teenage girls were given a platform to address the Press expressing their fear and demanding protection to voice fears and apprehensions concerning their safety and to demand stringent laws to protect them. The Press Conference was held in St. Xavier’s College.

Students from three schools- Cathedral & John Connon School, Singapore International School and Christ Church School addressed the conference. Prominent and distinguished voices from various spectrum of public life were present Justice Abhay Thipsay (Retd High Court Judge), M. N. Singh (Retd Police Commissioner) Adv Rizwan Merchant (Noted Criminal Lawyer), Adv. Nilofer Akhtar ( Noted Woman Rights Lawyer), Ms. Daisy Irani (Veteran Bollywood Actor) and Trisha Shetty (Young Social Activist).

This was the need of the hour in the wake of the sexual violence against minor girls which have become increasingly rampant with the apparent impunity with which they are carried out.

The brutal attack on young girls in Kathua, Unnao, Surat and Etah had shaken the nation to its very core and it was time that every girl of India let her fears be heard, her angst known and ask pertinent questions concerning their safety.

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