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The Harmony Foundation was founded in October 2005 by Dr. Abraham Mathai to establish social cohesion between various communities, castes and work towards the benefit of all the communities without any discrimination as to religion, caste, creed, gender or region. The raison d’etre of this foundation was necessitated by the fact that we are presently living in a very turbulent period in the history of mankind wherein many wicked acts are being perpetrated under the guise of political, economic, religious reasons which have long-term implications on the peaceful co-existence of human society.



Dr. Abraham Mathai, is an acclaimed social reformer, a philanthropist and founder of The Harmony Foundation. He has been pivotal in bringing public attention to issues related to social injustice in the past and has presided as Vice Chairman of Maharashtra State Minorities Commission. His zest to recognize and encourage social reformers and organizations across the world has led him to establish the prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial Awards.

With three consecutive terms in the Minorities Commission he ensured that every common man gets a fair platform, support, recourse, and resolution to their problems. He has actively channeled his resources to fight for achieving communal harmony, peace and ethical treatment of the minorities. For his exceptional services towards the minorities and the society, Dr. Mathai has been awarded multiple national and international awards like SEAL Charity Awards for Human Rights and The Indian Catholic Press Association Awards, to name a few.

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