Harmony Foundation is an NGO that works in the realm of Social Justice. Harmony foundation was 
established by Dr. Abraham Mathai in the year 2005 with its raison d’être being the establishment 
and strengthening of social cohesion among various communities and to work towards the benefit of 
all without any discrimination- whether it be religion, creed, sex or caste.  
The voice of Harmony was also brought in with the aim to give a platform to the people working in 
various areas and focus points of an issue and highlight their work along with the issues they battle 
Voice of Harmony was conceived as an idea for a magazine for the development and social sector. 
We believe that it will not only give visibility to the organisations, individuals and their work, but also 
forge a strong community of people who are bent on driving social change by bringing like-minded 
people together. India does not currently have a magazine that cuts across the entire social sector 
and does not primarily focus on the CSRs.  
Along the lines of how Harmony foundation operates, we pick up a theme for each year and explore 
it in its essence. However, the main aim for Harmony foundation has always been to recognize the 
work of the people and organisations working on the field and ensure a discourse and discussion 
among those with on-field and academic knowledge through conferences. The Mother Teresa 
Memorial Awards are hosted every year to felicitate the warriors of social change.  
The theme for this edition is the COVID-19 and we will be discussing the overarching impact it has 
had on our country and the individuals with the people who have hands on experiences on field or in 

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